Two Anti-Mask Heroes: Stephen Petty and Tyson Gabriel

Two Anti-Mask Heroes: Stephen Petty and Tyson Gabriel

By Steve Kirsch

Two anti-mask heroes: Stephen Petty and Tyson Gabriel
These guys are not only experts on masks (and how they don’t work) but they rolled up their sleeves to file motions and pleading in Federal court to stop the Federal mandates.

The two nicest and smartest mask experts I know are Stephen Petty and Tyson Gabriel.

Stephen Petty

Here’s a video of Petty giving a testimony on the effectiveness of masks. The good stuff is on his Rumble channel since he’s banned from YouTube.

Tyson Gabriel

Tyson Gabriel’s content can be found here. Check out his videos.

Tyson Gabriel

Their court motion/pleading in support of stopping the Federal mask mandates

These two guys did something really heroic a few days ago. They figured out how to file a brief in support of the group challenging the federal mask mandate (LUCAS WALL et al.).

Here’s their motion.

Here’s their 54 page pleading.

I want to acknowledge these two for going above and beyond the call of duty in putting all this together on their own dime. This is really impressive work.

Thank you!

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