India Declares Most Populated State Officially Cov Free After Widespread Use of Ivermectin

India Declares Most Populated State Officially Cov Free After Widespread Use of Ivermectin

By Trump News

This is informative, not sure why the mainstream media won’t report on this, but wanted you all to have this information.

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Our Son
We certainly should follow the science, heavily fund and have more investigations, and most importantly question and vet science/results and assure 100% transparency (via public announcement) regarding to who funds scientific investigations and who benefits/or is damaged from outcomes.

All That Is
As the demand for anything goes up, so does the price! Can you remember oil being sold for $1 a barrel around 2.5 years ago? What is it worth now? Controlled market applies to anything that becomes popular, despite the labour being no different!

It’s not about cure, it’s about depopulation.

s kumar
No case of side effect of Ivermectin in Uttar Pradesh nd many other states after widespread use there, people in rural areas nd poor in cities were provided IVM kit free by Uttar Uttar Pradesh Govtt,others in cities self purchased as it is easily available at medical stores without doctor’s prescription at very low cost , it was used both prophylactic nd early stage control, it was taken immediately on 1st sign of symptom even without waiting for covid test result, it seems to have worked very well in controlling covid even at very low stage of vaccination, most people also keep oxygen meter nd thermometer at home.

Michelle Ware
Great video. Is there a link to the actual report on OAN site as well?

Mark Brown
I have my “horse dewormer” ready just in case. I bought it from a farmers wholesaler. Only ivm and saline..

Ivermectin isn’t cheap any more…. Hard to get now too. Insanity. It works great.

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