Hoody’s Heroes Airline Flight Risk Investigation Pt1

Hoody’s Heroes Airline Flight Risk Investigation Pt1

By Hoody’s Heroes


Former Qantas Captain, Graham Hood, in an investigative discussion and critique of Dr. Kate Manderson’s (head of CASA medical) opinion of the risk posed to Airline Pilots from the Covid-19 vaccinations.

Video recorded 30th April 2022. The circumstances leading to the recording of this video were the increasing volume of reports pointing to serious side effects in vaccinated individuals.

Side effects of concern were those that posed a Risk-to-Flight should they happen to a pilot of an airliner. It became abundantly clear that the airlines and the regulators were not motivated to screen pilots for issues that they may be experiencing. The consequences of an over zealous vaccine program, that has gone wrong, has the potential to ground airlines around the globe.

Pilots were reluctant to come forward for fear of losing their medical clearance to fly, with the added potential to loose their entire career and income.

In the interests of Passenger safety we ask the tough questions the regulator should be asking.

In summary. The doctors and flight surgeons in this interview recommend all vaccinated pilots, at a minimum should order:
1 Cardiac MRI
2 D Dimer test
3 Troponin level test
4 Cardiac Stress ECG
With follow ups at three month intervals.

Here’s what others had to say:

Great videos guys.
Highly Credentialed Professional people talking common sense to these very concerning issues.
I hope this gets spread far and wide, particularly to CASA and AvMed.

thanks for the kind words. Hopefully this gets a result of not being able to be ignored.

Absolutely devastating. I note one of the main reasons given for capitulation to the coercion of having the COVID shots was to travel abroad/interstate by air travel. Just devastating.

I have passed this on to my DAME.

where is part 2…?

Search Hoody’s Heroes channel, it’s up now.

Original Source: https://rumble.com/v13bo0k-hoodys-heroes-airline-flight-risk-investigation-pt1.html?mref=u0e78&mrefc=2

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