All of These Small Businesses Have Said No to Discrimination and Segregation

All of These Small Businesses Have Said No to Discrimination and Segregation

By Tay’s Way

This is what inspires me!!

ALL of these small businesses have said NO to discrimination and segregation today.

Any small business that takes a stand and says EVERYBODY or nobody, gets my $$$.

Here’s what others had to say:

That Wholefood Place
Yeah I’m not playing their game.. I’ll play my own

Jayde Melissah Easton
Oh, my heart.
I hope if we have this segregation in Melbourne that businesses will come out and say the same thing.

Janine O’Brien
You can add IBirth to that list – I will always support everyone and their choices as I have always done

Rukaya Jabsie
Applauding these guys but I would have loved to see more open today and declare to open to all. There are a few but not as many who choose to wait to earn a living after another 2 months.

Julie Emmo
We definately need a list, all in one place. I want to know who is worth supporting. Even if it is online ordering

Danielle Gale
Please support Businesses United Australia also! They are anti discrimination and the admin have gone on to create a directory for these businesses so they’re easier to find and support!

Zoe Cross
Love to see all these in a document to help support them

Dee Brooks
This like 2 weeks to flatten the curve is just a test to see public response. Hopefully people don’t participate in segregation like the government want.

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