Mainstream Media Says NZ Man Is a Very Selfish Man for Getting 10 Doses at Once

Mainstream Media Says NZ Man Is a Very Selfish Man for Getting 10 Doses at Once

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Here’s what others had to say:

Troy Ryebarcheck
Lol no way he’s going to be here in 6 months to tell this tale! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sheree Bartolo
He can happily use my identity and for every booster in the future too 😝😜

Libor Konicek
Incredibly stupid yeah , he can have too !!

Tony Bee
He was sick of waiting in line so he got all of his shots in one 🤣

Callee-Louise Morgan
Is he still alive ?

Jil An
I wonder how much he got paid?

Eve Goonan
The stupidity is beyond the pale now… far out brussel sprout… any brain cells left in the human species?…

Houda Ghabach
How is this possible. They didn’t notice the injection sites. He has 2 arms not 10. Even if they were placebos, after 6 the 3rd shot on each arm, would have been painful. Unless the pharmaceutical companies are on short supplies and are cheating the system by purposely sending biles with saline to keep making money. We don’t know the ingredients, but what we do know is that on the label, it has the pharmaceutical name, covid 19 v………. and the supposed batch number.

Tracey McGuinness
Sounds like BS, he’d be dead.

John Robertson
I saw a woman tonight on a streaming app say after she took the jab she is now urinating blood her own Doctor has said it is because of the jab, she had all the tests for bugs too, I am going to see if I can get her to contact you

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