Learn To Say No

Learn To Say No

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre


Learn to f … say no
Media that will support civil disobedience

Here’s what others had to say:

Craig Harris
Jamie I had one jab and within two days I was pissing blood clots, at least 30 of them but my doctor won’t give me an a exemption so I have made my own choice to never receive another one.

Heather Symons
Some people have kids to feed they might not have much saving or family support so I understand why some people do they don’t want to be homeless with kids.

Pete Irvine
azt killing “aids patients” is the same today as the vax killing “covid” patients.

Cherie Heart
I just can’t take it, morally I can’t, my soul says no!

Shane Blair
I called it bullshit from the very beginning. Ive refused to play the game, no mask, no check in, no lockdown, none of it. Im shocked the rest of australia didnt do the same.

Jane Buckley
Great to see you i
Anzac cuzzy in Aotearoa watching.

Donna Miller
Funny how no one claiming benefits are being forced to get the jab.

Alan Beck
When someone tells people to get the vaccine I always ask them if they can prove covid exists.
They always say yes so then I tell them to message Jamie and they go quiet haha

David George Badgery
Pfizer is saying the Boosters
3,4 &5 are up to 25 times more effective ?

Naldzz Baxx
Thats where it stops when people say NO!

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