A Deliberate Drug Used and Pushed by the Medical Tyranny, Upon Patients, Falsely Claimed To Have BS 19

A Deliberate Drug Used and Pushed by the Medical Tyranny, Upon Patients, Falsely Claimed To Have BS 19

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Your death is near if you use Remedesvir ( killed 54 % in drug trials to treat Ebola- now being used to give to patients along with ventilators to kill innocent people and guess who is a stake holder in Remedesvir – Fauci and co )

A deliberate drug used and pushed by the medical tyranny,upon patients ,falsely claimed to have Bs 19 ,to killl them, to then list them as Bs19 deaths , to fool the masses people are dying of Bs19 ,when they are dying of deliberate medical malpractice.

Out of 5 million claimed by mainstream media to have died of the big bad pandemic ( paid to make out we have a pandemic – 94% of these have been de bunked even by the CDC own data , leaving only 300,000 – not a pandemic nor is the 5 million even a pandemic

Out of this 300,000

If we were to remove all those that have been wrongly placed on ventilators , Remedesvir and other deadly drugs and staved and neglected how many would be left ?

Possibly as little as 10% or just 30,000

And if these were investigated and autopsies looked at ( WHO demanded no autopsies to be done )

Then it’s highly probable even these didn’t die of Bs 19

It’s already de bunked, it’s not a pandemic, however it is appearing very few if any have died of Bs 19

They counted flu deaths and other deaths and using deliberate medical malpractice to kill innocent people to make out they were dying from a deadly pandemic,combined with large financial incentives to hospitals ($39,000 USD to put a patient on a ventilator and kill them and list as dying of Bs19 ).

The public have been lied to from the beginning and now lied that they need to take a rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous,experimental drug disguised as a quackzinne that has the side effect of death – a lethal injection and not just one but 6 in the first year alone which most won’t be walking by the 3rd

This is not inadvertent – this is deliberate

If one continues to fall for the dangerous conspiracy theories pushed by mainstream media paid to sell the experimental drug and paid to hype a flu into a Pandemic then they will line up for there lethal injections and drag their kids along to

A big price to pay to think you’ll keep your job ( you be to sick to work and economy is going to collapse so you’ll have no job ) to fly again ( no you won’t apart from maybe your last holiday laying in the beach unable to walk from cerebral palsy or strokes ) , to be able to eat at restaurants again ( maybe if you consider it your last supper )

The world is not ok

You should not be blackmailed to take a experimental drug with the side effect of death.

It isn’t normal

And your life is not going to go back to normal

The travellers jab to travel

Is to travel 6 ft under

Don’t be so foolish as to take the death shots and prove me right.

5 studies on Remedesvir -all discussed on next episode McIntyre Report released later today.

McIntyre Report

Australian National Review

Here’s what others had to say:

Katherine Deanne
Remedesvir kills the kidneys and the vents kill the lungs.
Polish MP’s speaking out about crimes against humanity in Oz. Clip on U tube. Fantastic watch. Hang in their peeps, the world is watching and they don’t like what they see.

Yvonne North
Yes. All recommended by Fauci.

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